Once upon a time, in offices everywhere, we all packed into tiny elevators without blinking an eye. We palmed door handles, still warm from another’s touch. We put our hands all over microwaves and fridges covered in visible fingerprints. So much for social distancing management!

The Fevershields social distancing management system provides a cost effective way of making sure workers or students do not inadvertently get too close to others and stay within the government guidelines on safe distancing.

Our GUARDIAN solutions are available either as a Wrist band or Tag that can be worn on a wrist, by a lanyard around the neck or attached to a belt. The social distancing management system provides an audible or vibration alerts. Activations can be viewed via an app which keeps records of alerts and devices which are simply added via smartphone or tablet.

GUARDIAN - Social Distancing Alerting & Reporting System

Helps you to maintain a safe social distance from others.