Local Government has a significant part to play in disease prevention and detection as well as providing local services for our communities. Putting measures in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is of paramount importance.

Fevershields helps organisations to achieve optimum safety standards utilising the latest in thermal screening technology to ensure that staff, customers and visitors are protected by identifying any at risk persons early and accurately.

Staff and Visitors could have an elevated temperature and spread infection FORESIGHT Our FORESIGHT has an infrared sensor that ensures fast and accurate body temperature readings. The FORESIGHT HS model has a built in hand sanitiser dispenser.
Unauthorised users gain access to site HALO Perfect for areas with high volume of traffic, the HALO has a thermal sensor that ensures fast and accurate body temperature readings. It will help you monitor and control entry and exits and can be integrated into existing access control systems.
Unchecked visitors gain entry and could spread infection DEFENDER The DEFENDER is suitable for very large premises. It ensures fast and accurate body temperature readings from wrist or forehead and has metal detection and facial recognition built in too.
Staff and visitors are not maintaining a safe distance from each other GUARDIAN GUARDIAN is a social distancing system, available as a Tag or Wristband, that provides an audible alert or vibration when it comes in close contact with another unit.
Too many staff and visitors on site to maintain a safe environment OBSERVER The OBSERVER can control the flow of people in and out of an area enabling you to maintain safe working conditions for all.


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