Walkthrough Fever Detector

What is it

Walkthrough safety check gate with metal detection, temperature measurement, and face recognition functions.


Why it's special
  • Highly sensitive metal detector can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects
  • The numbers of alarms and people passing the gate are displayed on LCD screen in real time
  • Multiple detection zones can pinpoint locations of multiple metal objects and sound alarms simultaneously

Password protection can prevent unauthorised configuration
  • Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist, can sound an alarm when a high temperature is detected
  • 30-45° measurement range, high accuracy (precision to 0.1° , measurement deviation ≤0.3 ), 1cm - 2.5cm measurement distance
  • Can link temperature with personal information to filter people with abnormal temperature
  • Face recognition using deep learning algorithm model, face recognition accuracy >99%, false recognition <1%