Using the latest advances in  intelligent video analytics software enables Fevershields capacity control systems to help compliance with safe occupancy limits at a shop or store to add to the safety of customers and staff. It provides a count of how many people are inside an area and allows you to display numbers in real-time.

The capacity control system is customised to your exact requirements. The information on how any many people are in store and what spare capacity is shown on High definition screen display at the entrance to your store to inform customers whether it is safe to enter or for them to wait until someone exits.

The capacity control system can trigger an alarm when maximum capacity is met and links with a traffic light system to notify staff/public when the premises are full. They can be connected to an automated door release system to completely remove the need for additional staff having to act as door personnel. 

Designed to be simple to use and highly accurate, our capacity control solutions have options to suit all potential application scenarios. There’s a single door option for smaller establishments and also a version incorporating multiple people-counting cameras for multiple doors.


OBSERVER - Occupancy and Density Control System

Control the flow of people in or out of a building or area.