The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has highlighted the risks that commercial premises of all types face from viruses. Even more common and less dangerous viral infections like Norovirus and Influenza can cause widespread disruption in commercial premises.

Responding to these new threats, Y3K, the UK's multi award winning security and safety systems specialist launched Fevershields. Y3K has been providing world class solutions to businesses around the world for over 20 years. The leadership team brings together over 100 years of proven experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying state of the art security and safety solutions.

At Fevershields our mission is to provide commercial premises with solutions that detect the early signs of viruses and provide an additional layer of protection above the standard safety solutions that commercial premises currently class as critical. Fevershields provide the missing piece of protection commercial premises need in the modern world.

Prior to launch our products were tested for performance and reliability in real world scenarios and are manufactured to the highest standards.

At Fevershields our mantra is Great Products + Great Service, and we have a team of specialists on hand to assist you in selecting the right solution to meet your needs, whilst ensuring you are receiving the best value for money.

Contact us today and take the first step in securing your premises.